I’m a librarian, but absolutely not a professional blogger. I started this blog in the sole purpose of keeping track of which books I had read, had liked, didn’t like. (I will add that English is not my first language, so you’ll probably find mistakes and limited vocabulary.)

This means that I don’t get paid to review and I buy my own books – or borrow them at the library - according to my own taste. Occasionally, a writer will provide me with one of her work, that doesn’t mean I will automatically praise it, the review will be honest.

There won’t be any blog tour, cover reveal, author interviews and so on, simply because I don’t have time for that.

There won’t be any commercial links here, the only official links often used being those of Goodreads. After all, I use their blurbs and their covers ! I publish my reviews here and on Goodreads – sometimes on Amazon when an author asks me to.
I read mainly romance, paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, contemporary, erotic, sometimes historical.
This blog is restricted to adults.

Red Iza, 11/28/2014